Be Thankful for life.

No matter how good or bad you think life is,
wake up each day and be thankful for life.
Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.


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Anuj Somany
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Anonymous said...

This is my style it's the way I love my life every day. I love my life in positivity. I have healthy nutrition, !I've water, all veges, n fruits. Laugh at yourself and all you can. I do kind favors, n donate clothes I outgrew. I survived cancer, n everyday is a gift from jesus. Keep sending positive information through your website.

Unknown said...

I love myself, staying active, eating healthy foods. Developing my spiritual, emotional and physical health. Loving my life thinking positive thoughts, rejecting negativity. Loving and understanding my family and friends more.

Maybe said...

Socializing with family and friends. Enjoying myself in the process. Building up my character in a positive way. Loving and sharing with people I consider extremely important to me in my life. Communicating more to be understood and to understand issues, in other people lives. Learning to listen more and speak less.

Unknown said...

Love it: i live my life as described in all your comments. I have has sooo much pain in the last 2 years more than i can describe due to a staph infection. But my heavenly father has risen me up from the death. I have felt that physically i have died. Lost 35 pounds. Ended up i the ER twice. I am not talking about it to feel that i am super strong. I am talking about it ad a testumony of the miracles and love our heavenly father had for us. My old self died, but the new me is full of much muvh love . our God died for our sins for us to have eternal life. I have always live my life being as happy, kind and loving others as if it was my ladt day. We were born naked we ate not taking nothing when we depart. Be a blesding to whomever is less fortunate than you!. Not judmental for only God knows. Dance, laugh, sing, smile, love with all your mighty but above all laugh at yourself is the best medicine. Stay active ad much as you can. God bless us all. I didn't lose my leg because my creator loves me!. After 2 years and 4 surgeries i am infection free and walking without any devices. All the glory and power to our Gid!������������������

Unknown said...

Sorry about all the typos jiji😃😜

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