Be careful who you trust.

Be careful who you trust, who you open up to
and share your problems with.

Not everyone that smiles at you is your friend.

Child Abuse - Breaking The Silence

Child abuse is defined as the  physical, sexual or emotional 
mistreatment or neglect of a child or children.

Children who have a history of neglect or physical abuse are at risk of developing life altering issues which include, but are not limited to developmental problems, mental illness, anxiety, depression, and will act out and behave in inappropriate ways... 

Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. 

Facing difficulties in life.

Sometimes, you face difficulties not because you're doing
something wrong, but because you're doing something right.

Count your blessings.

Happiness will never come to those of us who don't
already appreciate the many wonderful things we have.
So, count your blessings and be grateful for the many
good things in your life.

Action will always show you the truth.

To have an honest enemy in your life is almost always better
than having a friend who lies to you. You need to pay less
attention to what the people in your life say and give more
attention to those things they actually do.

Their actions will always show you the truth!

Don't feel sad if they gave up on you.

Don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you.
Feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone
who would have never given up on them.

The Grass Appears Greener.

Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side
because it has been fertilized by someone else's bullshit!

Set yourself free.

Some of the most beautiful things in life will only
really happen once you set yourself free and let
go of the negative things that are holding you back.

Sometimes you need to lose in life.

Sometimes you need to lose. When you lose, you learn.
When you learn, you grow and when you grow you
truly find yourself.

Don't like my honesty?

I'm sorry if you don't like my honesty
but to be fair, I don't like your lies.

In Loving Memory

In memory of all my family and friends who have passed away.
I miss you, I think of you, I will never forget you.

Have faith everything will work out.

Sometimes you have to stop stressing and worrying about
those trials in your life and have faith that everything will work out.
Maybe it won't be like you hoped it would, but be sure that it
will turn out exactly how it's meant to be.

I Love My Son.

I know a boy who stole my heart.
He calls me his mother. I love my son.

I Love My Children.

I'm a proud Mother. I gave my children life.
They gave me a reason to live. I love my children.

You need to keep the faith.

Sometimes, God doesn't change your situation
because he is trying to change your heart.

The Older I Get....

The older I get, the less I care about
 other people's opinions of me.

Therefore, the older I get the more I enjoy my life
and the happier I feel.

The Perfect Time.

Never lose hope because everything you need
will come to you at the perfect time.

Remembering With A Smile

There have been many people throughout my life 

who I have lost, but I am not sad.
I remember all the good times, the love, the laughter,
how we pulled together through hard times and
most of all, the feelings we shared.
I'm sharing this on my wall to remember with a smile
those special people who are no longer with me
but are forever in my heart.

Living in a small town!

The nice part of living in a small town is that when you
don't know you are doing, someone else does!


Cousins are connected, heart to heart.
Distance and time will never keep them apart.

Always love your mother.

Always love your mother because you will never get another.

I've Learned the hard way.

I learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others
to respect my feelings, even if I respect theirs. Being a good
person doesn't guarantee that others will be good people too.
You can only control the things you do and allow your actions
and words to speak volumes about the type of person you are.

As for others, you can only choose to accept them
or walk away.

Holding on to anger hurts you.

Forgive people in your life, even those who are
not sorry for their actions.

Holding on to anger only hurts you, not them.

What Friends Do...

Friends will... Fight for you, Respect you, Include you,
Encourage you, Need you, Deserve you, Stand by you.

Be Thankful For What You Have.

When you have a bad day, always remember
someone else's day is worse.

Be thankful for what you have.

Mistakes help us find the right person.

We may love the wrong person and cry over the wrong person,
but one thing is for sure, mistakes help us find the right person

Stay up, stand strong and stay positive.

This message is for anyone who has been through it, 

is going through it and who got through it.

Stay up, stand strong and stay positive.

Friends are like angels.

True Friends are like angels.

They will lift us to our feet when our wings have
trouble remembering how to fly.

Thank you all for being a part of my life.

For each and every one of you on my friends list, I love looking
at your pictures, sharing jokes and news with you all, as well as
support during good times and bad.

I am so happy to have you among my friends.
We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end.
If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead
and share this onto your profile.

Thank you all for being a part of my life.

What Is Cute...

Cute is when a person's personality is more
attractive than their looks, they make you feel
good when they are around and when you see them,
you just want to walk up to them, smile and give them
a great big hug. Now that's cute...


Maturity isn't when we start speaking about the big things.
It's when we understand, remember and learn from all
of the little things that happen to us.

How strong you are...

You will never know just how strong you are
until someone you care about hurts you badly.

You will begin to heal...

You will begin to heal yourself when you let go of the things 
hurt you in the past, forgive those who have done wrong to you

and learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made.

Life isn't about pleasing everybody!

Be Happy, Be who you want to be.

If others don't like it, let them be.

As the saying goes, happiness is a choice.
Life isn't about pleasing everybody!

Always Love Your Parents

Always love your parents.

We are so busy growing up that we often forget
they too are growing old.

A Confident Woman.

I am strong
I've been through a lot in my life and I'm still standing.
I have self worth
It took a lot of soul searching to finally see for myself.
I am beautiful
I don't need anyone to tell me, I already know.
I am not perfect
Nobody's perfect but I've seen my good and bad sides.
I am just myself
I will never be alone, I will always be there for me.

Teach our Daughters. Teach our Sons

We need to teach our daughters the difference between
A man who flatters her and a man who compliments her.
A man who spends money on her and a man who invests in her.
A man who views her as property and a man who views her properly.
A man who lusts after her and a man who loves her.
A man who believes he is God's gift to woman and a man
who remembers a woman was God's gift to man.

And then, teach our sons to be that kind of man.

I may not be who I ought to be.

I may not be who I ought to be. 
I know I'm not all that I want to be.
But I've come a long way from who I used to be.
Ant I won't give up on becoming,what I know I can be.

You are worth so much more...

When someone has a problem with you remember,
it's there problem, not yours.

Don't give up any of your energy to negativity.
You are worth so much more than that.

The right things will start to happen.

When the wrong people begin to leave you life,
you can be certain that the right things will start to happen.

Stay Positive.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Always remember, Family Time Is important.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Forgiveness is not weakness.

We don't forgive people because we are weak.
We forgive people because we are strong enough to know we
all make mistakes and that it's not our place to judge them.

There is a difference...

There is a difference between
giving up and knowing when you've had enough.

Always a good woman

A pretty face, no matter what, will always grow old.
Your body, no matter how hard you try,
will always change with age.

However, a good woman will forever be a good woman.
Age and time will never change that.

Making mistakes is a part of life.

Making mistakes is an inherent part of life that we cannot escape
from. However we must be big enough to admit those mistakes,
smart enough to profit from them, strong enough to correct them
and wise enough not to repeat them.

3 Keys to enjoy life.

Just 3 keys to enjoy life. CTRL+ALT+DEL.

1. Control yourself, 2. Look for alternative solutions,
3. Delete the situation which gives you tension!

Life wouldn't be the same without you.

Today is just another day, nothing special going on, but I
just wanted to say thank you to the 
special people in my life,
my family and friends 
who bless me each and every day by 
being a part of my life. 

I'm sharing this to tell you all that It just wouldn't be 
the same without you. Thank you

Our Journey defines who we are.

Our life is not about the destinations we try to reach.
Our wisdom, education and personal growth depend on the
journeys we have taken and the paths we chose to get us there.

Maybe it's not the destination that's important, but the journey
along the way that defines who we are.

The Knots Prayer.

The Knots Prayer. 
Dear God: Please untie the knots that are in my mind, 
my heart and my life. Remove the have nots, the can nots 
and the do nots that I have in my mind. Erase the will nots,
may nots, might nots that may 
find a home in my heart. 
Release me from the could nots, would nots and should
nots that obstruct my life. 
And most of all, Dear God, 
I ask that you remove from my mind, my heart and my
life all of the 'am nots' 
that I have allowed to hold me back, 
especially the thought that I am not good enough. 


Faith, Hope, Peace and Joy.

Have faith - God is always with you, though it may not seem so.
Have hope - God's love surrounds you more than you know.
Have peace - God has a special plan just for you.
Have joy - For always, come what may,
God will help to see you through it.