Who Walks In You LIfe

You can't control who walks into
your life, but you can control what
window to throw them out of!

Long Road Ahead

The road ahead is a long one,
but you must keep going.

Better things are just around the corner.

Just take it one step at a time.

Life Is Not Always Perfect

Life is not always perfect but it will
always be what you make it.

So make it count, make it memorable
and never let anyone steal your happiness.

I Will Win

I have already been through hell.

So, give it your best shot.

Not only will I survive, I will win!

A Best Friend

A best friend is someone that you can
talk to, who won't judge you,
who loves you for being you
and makes you feel like
you are worth something.

I Will Be There For My Children

To My Children.

If you need me, just call me. 
I don't care if I'm sleeping,
If I'm angry with you or 
if i'm having my own problems.
Just Call Me.
I will always be there for you, 
no matter how big or small
your problem is - I will be there.

Rich In Your Heart

To be rich is not what you have in
your bank account, but what 
you have in your heart.

A Positive Mindset

Your destiny will be what you will it to be.

If you believe you have no control,
then you will have no control.
If you think you can't do it,
then you won't do it.

Trust yourself, Believe to achieve and
reap the rewards of a positive mindset.

A Poem For My Children

To My Children, I love you so,
you are so special, I hope you know.
With every day that passes by,
you're more the twinkle in my eye.
So loving, so giving, a heart of gold,
always my babies, even when I'm old.
Your love shines through, for all to see,
I feel so proud, you are a part of me.

Nobody Gets Tired Of Loving

Nobody gets tired of loving.
But we do get tired of waiting, assuming,
hearing lies, saying sorry and hurting.

Taking Time.

Take time to think, 
it is a source of inner power.
Take time to play, 
it is the secret to our youth.
Take time to read, 
it is the key to our wisdom.
Take time to pray, 
it is the greatest power of all.
Take time to laugh, 
it is music for the soul.
Take time to give, 
life is just too short to be selfish.

Saying Sorry

Saying Sorry does not always
mean that you were wrong.

Sometimes it means you value your
relationships with people more
than your ego.

I've Learned To Give

I've learned to give, not because I
have much, but because I know exactly
how it feels to have nothing.

Some People Are Like Clouds

Some people are just like clouds.

When they disappear, it's a brighter day.

It's Your Life

Never let people make you feel bad or 
even guilty for living the life you want.

Just remember that this is your life
and you can live it how you choose.

When The Day Is Over

When the day is over,
the night will come,
That day will be gone,
what's done is done,
Enjoy your dreams,
throughout the night,
and start a new morning
with a brand new light.

Build A Good One

Someone will always throw
stones in your path.
It depends on you what you make
with them, a wall or bridge?

Remember, you are the architect
of your life. Build a good one.

Knowing When You Have Had Enough

There is a difference between giving up
and knowing when you've had enough.

Showing Respect

Showing respect to others is one of the
greatest gifts that a parent could ever
give their children.

Stay True To YOU

Stay true to yourself because there
are very few people in your life who
will be true to you.

Never compromise who you are.

The Storm Will Pass

You can't calm the storm so stop trying.

What you can do is calm yourself.

The storm will pass.

Beauty Comes In All Shapes & Sizes

Some people are fat and some people
are thin- So What!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
and everybody is beautiful 
in their own way.

Negative People Hold you Back

You simply can't surround yourself with
negative people and expect to lead a
positive life.

Negative people will only hold you back.

Worrying Never Takes Troubles Away

Worrying will never
take tomorrow's troubles away.

All worry will ever take from you
is today's peace.

So smile more and be thankful
for all the good things in life.

Life Is What You Make It

Life is what you make it.

I'm making mine a good one, filled
with happiness, smiles and love and
you are more than welcome to join me.

Brought Up Properly

People say my morals are old fashioned.

I say my morals are simply a sign
that I was brought up properly.

The Best Gifts

My parents gave me the best gifts
that any child could have wished for.

They truly loved me, they taught me what
I needed to know and most importantly
they believed in me.

My Door Is Always Open

If you want to be a part of my life
then the door will always be open.

If you want to leave my life, again
the door will always be open.

But don't stand in the doorway because
you're blocking the traffic.

Thank You, My Friends

A positive message to share with your
friends and the special people in your life.

God's Reason

God has a reason for allowing
things to happen.

We may never understand his wisdom
but we simply have to trust his will.

5 Keys To Happiness

The 5 Keys to happiness.

Love Openly
Forgive Quickly
Give Freely
Speak Truthfully
Pray Faithfully

Careful Who You Trust

Be careful who you trust,
who you open up to and
share your problems with.

No everyone that smiles
at you is your friend.

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing all my Family & Friends
A Happy Valentines Day.

Share The Love

Cheating Someone

If you succeed in cheating someone,
don't think that person is a fool.

It's just they trusted you far more
than you deserved.

My Wish For You

My wish for you.

May God grant you always....
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
An angel to protect you,
Laughter to cheer you,
Faithful friends around you
and whenever you pray
that heaven hears you.

Life Is What You Make It

Life is not always perfect but it is
what YOU make it.

So make it count, make it memorable
and never let anyone steal your happiness.

You can't Control What Others Do

I learned the hard way that you can't
always count on others to respect my
feelings, even when i respect theirs.

being a good person to others will not
always result in them returning that
goodness back to you.

You can only control the things you do
and allow your actions and words to
speak volumes about the type
of person YOU are.

As for the people in your life, you must
choose to accept them for who they are
or choose to walk away.

Accept Completely

Nobody needs a person to complete them.

All we really is someone who will
accept us completely for who we are.

I Don't Respond To Criticism

Just because I don't respond to the
criticism of others, doesn't mean
that I am weak.

It simply means that their opinion
of me simply doesn't matter.

Showing Respect To Others

Showing respect to others is
on of the greatest gifts that a
parent could ever give their children

True Wealth

You will never understand what
true wealth is until you have
something that money can't buy.


Integrity is choosing your
thoughts and actions based on
values rather than personal gain.

The Truth Is Better

It is better to be slapped with the
truth than to be kissed with a lie.

Be Selective In Your Battles

Be selective in your battles because
sometimes peace is much better
than being right.

The Dont's of life

Don't speak about what you
have never been through.
Don't make promises that you
cannot deliver.
Don't fall in love unless you
are able to trust.

Happy To Be Me

I am happy to be me.
I may not be prefect but I am honest,
loving and happy.
I never try to be anything that I'm not
and i am not here to impress anyone else.