Have Faith Things Will Work Out.

Sometimes you have to stop stressing & worrying about those trials in your life and have faith that everything will work out.
Maybe it won't be like you hoped it would, but be sure that it will turn out exactly how it's meant to be.

Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is an inherent part of life that we cannot escape from, however we must be big enough to admit those mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, strong enough to correct them and wise enough not to repeat them. 

Always End The Day Positive

Always end your day with confidence and positive thoughts.

No matter how hard, bad or miserable your day was, tomorrow is another chance to start all over again.

I Will Always Worry About My Children

As a parent, I will always worry about my children.

I know my children will grow up and become strong and independent but in my heart they will always be my babies.

I love my children.

Understanding Who We Are

It's not what you have been through that defines who you are. 
Most of the time this is beyond your control. It's what you do after you have been through those trials that really tests who you are and how much you have grown.

True Friends Are Like Angels

True Friends are like angels. 

They will lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

My Greatest Wish For My Children

My Greatest wish is that my children will always know just how much I love them and for the rest of their lives will know that no matter what, I will always be there for them, anyway I can.

My children are a gift and I will treasure mine forever.

A Prayer To Share

Heavenly Father, walk through my house and take away all worries and illnesses, and please watch over and heal my family and friends. Bring quiet where there is chaos, bring light where there is darkness and put love in our hearts. In Jesus name, Amen.

This Prayer Is so Powerful. 

Silence ~ The Loudest Cry

Silence can be a person's loudest cry.

You know you have really hurt someone when they start ignoring you.

What is a friend.

A Friend

A friend is someone we turn to 
when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure, for friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace.
A friend makes the world we live in, a better and happier place

Our strengths come from weaknesses.

I am strong because I am weak. I am beautiful because I know my flaws.
I am a lover because I'm a fighter. I am fearless because I've been afraid.
I am wise because I've been foolish. I can laugh because I've known sadness.

My Angel Up In Heaven

My Angel up in Heaven ~ Written by Dave Hedges

My angel up in heaven, I wanted you to know,
I feel you watching over me, everywhere I go.
I wish you were with me, but that can never be,
Memories of you in my heart, that only I can see.
My angel up in heaven, I hope you understand,
That I would give anything, if I could hold your hand.
I’d hold you oh so tightly, and never let you go,
And all the love inside of me, to you I would show.
My angel up in heaven, for now we are apart,
You’ll always live inside of me, deep within my heart.

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It never hurts to be careful in this crazy world we live in.

To My Children

To My Children.

If you need me, just call me. I don't care if i'm sleeping, if I'm angry with you or if I'm having my own problems - just call me. 
I will always be there for you, no matter how big or small your problem is.

A Friendship On-Line

A Friendship On-Line

One day you comment on a post, messages are exchanged
and chatting begins. Joys and sorrows are shared, strong ties
are formed, trust is built and then it hits you.

Some of these Facebook friends have become really important 
to you. You become thankful to those people that started out 
as strangers and have now become friends that you can't
imagine life without.

God has a perfect plan for us all.

God has a perfect plan for us. He never does it all at once,

just step by step, because he wants to teach us to
walk by faith, not by sight.

Giving thanks for another day.

Dear God, thank you for another day.

Please watch over my family and friends and anyone who
is reading this. Bless them in a way they have never known before.

A poem to best friends.

I'm thinking about you and I really care,
so on my wall this post I share.
If you ever need me and feel all alone,
I will come to you and never moan.
I'm here for you until the end,
I'm not your family,
I'm your very best friend.

i have learned to love my life.

I've been walked on, I've been used and I've been
forgotten by others, but I do not regret a single moment,
because during those times in my life I have learned
who I can trust and who I can't trust.

I've learned what true friendship means and how to be a 
true friend. I have learned to know the difference between when
someone is lying to me and they are being sincere.

I've learned how to just be myself and how to truly
appreciate the many good people who are part of my life.

I have learned to love my life.

When we argue with those we love.

We often argue with those we love but sometimes

that is a healthy thing and allows you both to vent
and get things off your chest.
Although It hurts when we argue with those we love but it
would hurt more if we never communicated
and lost them forever...

Your Greatest Test In Life

Your greatest test will come when you are able to bless someone
else whilst you're going through your own personal storm.

What defines a strong woman.

What defines a strong woman?

A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.
Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter.

A strong woman is both soft and powerful.
She is both practical and spiritual.

A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.

A Prayer to help those in need.

A Prayer to help those in need.

May all of my family members and friends who need miracles 

be blessed. May whoever is feeling weak, be given strength.

May all of those who have heavy burdens have their load lightened.

If they don't like me, it's their loss.

I have reached a point in my life where I feel it is no
longer necessary to try and impress anyone.

If they like me then great, If not, then that's their loss.

Never Give Up.

No matter how alone you feel. No matter how impossible
things may seem. No matter how hard things may get.

Never Give Up.

Those magic words...

Please and thank you are still magic words.
I just wish some people would use them more often.
Manners cost nothing and are priceless.

Live for the moment.

Live for the moment, enjoy life and be happy.
It keeps you feeling young, enthusiastic and better
prepared to face the challenges this life can throw at you.

Lord, Help me to remember.

Lord, when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing,
help me to remember that your love is greater than all of my
disappointments. Help me to remember that your plans for my
life are always better than my dreams. Amen.

I Love My Brother.

I love my brother. He is simply amazing
and I just couldn't imagine my life without him.

I love my parents.

I love my parents, they have done so much for me.
I know I will never be able to repay them, all I can
do is hope I have made them proud.

Crying - A Show Of Strength

Everyone cries, It's a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do.
People will often associate crying with weakness but crying is
not a sign of weakness. Often, it is a sign that we have tried
very hard to fight back those tears and have been putting on
a show of strength for far too long.

What is a best friend...


is someone that you can talk to, who won't judge you,
who loves you for being you and makes you feel like
you are worth something.

If you want to be a part of my life.

If you want to be a part of my life 
then the door will always be open.

If you want to leave my life, again the door will always be open.

But don't stand in the doorway because you're blocking the traffic.

I have learned to give...

I've learned to give, not because I have much,
but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing.

The girl who stole my heart.

I know a girl who stole my heart.
She calls me her mother, I love my daughter.

I am ready for the challenges ahead.

Dear past, Thank you for all the lessons you have given me in my
life. Dear Future, let's go. i am ready for the challenges ahead.

Life is not always perfect...

Life is not always perfect but it is what you make it.
So make it count, make it memorable and never let
anyone steal your happiness.

Surround yourself with good people.

Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
People who make you laugh, who help you when you're
in need. People who would never take advantage of you.
People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping
in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.

Keeping it real.

It's not about who is real to your face.
It's about who stays real behind your back.

Have Faith.

Faith is taking the first step, even though you cant
see the whole staircase.

The truth is always better.

It is better to be slapped with the truth
than to be kissed with a lie.

Be selective in your battles.

Be selective in your battles because sometimes
peace is much better than being right.

Loving those who love me.

I don't have time to worry about who doesn't like me.
I'm too busy loving the people who love me.

3 Simple Rules.

3 Simple Rules.

1: If you do not go after what you want, you'll never have it.
2: If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
3: If you do not step forward, you'll always be in the same place.

My parents gave me the best gifts.

My parents gave me the best gifts that any child could wish for.
They truly loved me, they taught me what I needed to know
and most importantly, they believed in me.

Nothing lasts forever.

Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, laugh it off, avoid the drama,
take chances and never have regrets because at one point,
everything you did was exactly what you wanted.

Silence can be the loudest cry.

Silence can be a person's loudest cry.

You know you have really hurt someone when they start ignoring you.

Always keep your head held high.

Always keep your head held high because if you're
looking down, you will never see the blessings that
are right in front of you.

During the storms you find out who cares.

Remember, anyone can love you when the sun is shining,
but it's during the storms that you find out who cares for you.

I love my Grandchildren.

I love my Grandchildren
The bond between
Grandchildren and Grandparents
is one that is so strong,
it can never be broken.

They hold each others hearts forever.