Cousins - Heart to Heart.

Cousins are connected, heart to heart,
distance and time can't break them apart.


Unknown said...

So true! Love my cousin Lily!!!

Christine Collins Banks said...

I Love all my cousins b more than words could every say May GOD BLESS each and every one LOVE cuz Christine (Collins) Banks

Unknown said...

Cousins are best friends we got from God as family

Unknown said...

I love my cousins, nothing can tear us apart....back to back all the way..xxxxxx

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PMTENSB said...

My cousin’s is more like siblings we were always together growing up and even as adults. We would do anything for each other. My husband’s cousins was raised the same way so it’s more like a lot of brothers and sisters. We love you all xoxo

Unknown said...

I love and respect my cousins across the USA, Hawaii, Canada, and England. They are remarkable people.