Proud Mother

I'm a proud mother.

I gave my children life. They gave me a reason to live.
I love my children.


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Anonymous said...

God gave them life... you chose to keep them.

Unknown said...

In reply to your comment Anne Stewart, God did give them life as he gave all of us life; however, we always don't get the chance to decide if we get to keep that life inside of us for certain unbeknown reasons. Sometimes certain individual's bodies can't nourish and support the fetus or unborn child for whatever reason and the body spontaneously aborts said fetus. I was told by one of my two obstetrical doctors back in the 1970s that it's sometimes God's way of protecting an unhealthy fetus from entering his world so the body rejects it. I found that information of little comfort at almost five months along in my first pregnancy, to be honest, it gave me no comfort whatsoever and looking back I wasn't really given any time to process the loss and felt lots of guilt because as a young woman I didn't always feel like I wanted children and I felt like I was being punished for feeling that way. Now, I look back and know that God wasn't punishing me one bit. Thanks for reading and I respect your point of view ~~ Blessings

cklayawan said...

Mother is not the giver of life. Mother is just a medium because the real giver of life is the almighty God.