Signs That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People.

8 Signs That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People.

People feel threatened by a powerful personality because they don’t understand how someone can be so comfortable with themselves without having a care in the world of what you might think of them.

It’s known for a fact that people with strong opinions and powerful personalities can be often mistakenly seen as arrogant and dominant. Sadly, they can be misinterpreted only by insecure and small-minded beings.

Some of them will perceive you as rude. Others will think of you as a dominant person. However, all of these opinions are inflicted by your great deal of self-confidence that leaves them intimidated by your strong traits.

Here are 8 power personality traits that might scare some people:

1. You don’t need attention

People with this type of personality are known to be the most low-key individuals you’ll ever meet. They don’t have the time nor energy to waste on meaningless attention-seeking acts.
They radiate self-confidence and determination. Life taught them how to stand their ground, so don’t expect them to come begging for a pinch of attention.
However, despite their lack of neediness, their charisma often attracts a lot of people and the amount of socializing is not because they’ve asked for it but because people like to have them around.

2. You are not concerned with pleasing everyone

Strong people won’t feel the need to constantly impress others, on the contrary, they’ll work on their true personality no matter how unfitting someone might find it.
Yes, you’ll never stop treating others with respect, but that doesn’t mean respecting someone by underestimating yourself. People with powerful personalities will always reveal their true colors, and if someone is feeling intimidated and can’t accept it, then so be it!

3. You don’t put up with excuses

Strong people will never waste their precious time putting up with excuses. They’ll go out of their comfort zone and choose to make the best of it.

4. You hate small talk

I’ll speak from my personal point of view. I mean come on… Those awkward talks about “what’s new” or the usual dull talk about the weather with a person you haven’t seen in years is definitely out of the question.
Real, raw talks about emotions, energy, the universe, the unknown give me the goosebumps and bring a tear to my eye, whenever it’s shared with a very dear person.
People with strong opinions are intelligent human beings. They need to converse about ideas, innovations, or creative solutions to obstacles. They need a subject that stimulates their brain and sparks their eyes whenever they talk about it. Small talk is every day’s garbage wrapped up in a dialogue.

5. You can’t stand ignorance and insensitivity

You can’t stand people who tend to make instant judgments about things they’re not certain about and react instinctively without even thinking.
Personality supported by strong traits such as yours are the result of being thoughtful, empathetic and well-informed.

6. You stick to your morals

You stand your ground firmly and know that nothing out there can affect your balance. No matter how wrong for someone they may seem, or how different from their viewpoint they might be, your morals are your main principles that provide you guidance through life.

No one will convince you to do something that isn’t a part of your own moral system in the first place.

7. You admit when you’re wrong

A person that cultivates a strong-trait personality is aware of their flaws as much as their qualities. They tend to distance themselves from the EGO, the superiority of a person. Whenever a mistake is made, they’ll be honest about it and admit it.

The ball won’t always be in our court, and that is perfectly fine. Instead of being childish over an innocent mistake, people with strong personalities will admit it and move on to the next chapter.

8. You are not arrogant, you have a strong attitude

If you’re an independent know-your-value type of person, you can sometimes be misinterpreted as arrogant. Small people can get easily insulted and act destructively toward the people who express their strong opinions without feeling guilty about it.

Your strong attitude may cause a stir in their poorly adjusted belief system and it’s often expected of them to label you as an arrogant person. No matter what, you stick to your guns!

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